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  1. Trevor created a game based on ossification. He included a video which clearly explains and displays how to play the game. However, the game is very self explanatory and easy to utilize without any explanation. The game tokens look like cells and various parts used in ossification and the game cards contain more than enough information to help one study and learn the components of the unit in a fun and creative manner. The information on the cards appears accurate and the wrong answers even contain humor. I like his use of color and the simplicity makes it more focused on study rather than wasting time attempting to figure out how the game works. The objective to learn more on the topic of ossification is met through the in-depth questions/answer cards as well as review for what was covered in class. Trevor created an easy to use and fun game students can utilize in their studies of ossification. I am impressed by his creativity and think this game is definitely more interesting than simply studying with note cards.

    Tiffany Hoop

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