The Amazing Bone Game: A Summation
Ivana L. Brito
Department of Biology and Wildlife, University of Alaska
BIOL 111X: Human Anatomy and Physiology I
Professor Don Larson
June 23, 2023

As college students, it is easy to overlook the importance of taking our daily vitamins, nourishing
our bodies and reminding ourselves of the importance of strong and healthy bones. It is easier to
notice what a toll can take in our bodies as our hormones begin to fluctuate throughout our ages.
None of us want to study this information on our free time, so what better way than to make a
game! The Amazing Bone Game is a game I created that gives you sufficient information about
the functions of bones, hormones associated with bones, the development of bones and
information regarding osteoporosis. The goal of the Amazing Bone Game is to allow students to
gather an array of knowledge on bones in a fun way.
The Rules are simple: Make it all the way back to your designated start point while answering
the questions you land on. Some dice is rolled, and the player moves the amount of space on the
di. Players have one minute to come up with a sufficient answer to the question they landed on.
IF the player fails to answer the question, they must return to their start point. If a player answers
the question they land on, they cover the question, and then the next person is up! If a player
lands on a question that was already answered, they must move back to the nearest unanswered
question. If a player makes it to the winders circle, they can choose any unanswered question, or
skip their turn. The player to have the most answered questions wins the game, and the trophy.
For reference, I have provided the list of questions on the game board. May the best bone win 🙂

The Amazing Bone Game Board Questions:

  • Describe flat bones and name two.
  • Describe the role of testosterone and estrogen hormone in bone growth.
  • Describe the movement function.
  • What sex is more susceptible to osteoporosis? Why?
  • Describe bone remodeling, deposit, and resorption.
  • Describe the hormone production function.
  • Describe sesamoid bones and name one.
  • How does a bone fracture heal?
    What are the five types of bones?
  • Describe mineral and growth factor storage function.
  • What is an osteoblast?
  • What are the three types of cartilage? Describe them.
  • Why are there different types of bones?
  • What are some additional risk factors that relate to osteoporosis?
  • What are the functions of the bones?
  • What is an osteoclast?
  • How does the bony skeleton form?
  • Describe the support function.
  • What is osteoporosis and describe the relationship between osteoblasts and osteoclasts?
  • What are the five zones of the epiphyseal plate?
  • Describe irregular bones and name two.
  • Describe the blood cell formation function
  • Describe the parts of the axial skeleton.
  • How does osteoporosis affect bone mass?
  • How does a bone grow in length and width?
  • What are the causes of osteoporosis?
  • Describe long bones and name two.
  • Describe the growth hormone’s role on bone growth.
  • What bones are more susceptible to osteoporosis?
  • Describe the protection function.
  • Describe the parts of the appendicular skeleton.
  • What are some ways to treat osteoporosis?
  • Describe the fat storage function.
  • Describe short bones and name two.
  • Describe the visual differences between a normal bone and an osteoporotic bone.
  • Describe the thyroid hormone’s role in bone growth.
    As you can see, the Amazing bone game becomes very intense when you add a time crunch
    and all of these questions. Please reach out if you would like my research and answer key!

PDF Version The Amazing Bone Game.pdf

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  1. College students often overlook their bone health. It can be a need for taking daily vitamins or proper nutrition within their diet. Strong and healthy bones provide the body with a structure, and protection around the organs, being an attachment point for muscles as well as storing the efflux of calcium in the body. During aging, the body’s hormones break down the bone more, making it even more essential to maintain good bone health. In my research, I realized that studying bone health could have been more exciting. Instead, I made a game for people to play together. I will provide players with information about how the bone functions, the hormones, the development of bone, and osteoporosis, all in a fun and engaging way.

    In this game, you start at the beginning, and players will begin to roll the dice, moving to the corresponding number of spaces. Once landed on a question after rolling, the player will have one minute to answer the question correctly. If they don’t answer the question correctly, they must move back to the beginning of the board and restart. If the player were to land on a question that they or another player has already answered, they then would move on to the nearest unanswered question. Then there’s the case of the winders circle; in this area, the player can choose either an unanswered question or they can skip their turn. The player who answers the most questions correctly is rewarded as the winner with a trophy.

    Kenna Marchesseault

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