Accutane is an intense drug used in the treatment of acne (Accutane – American Osteopathic, n.d.). The prescription drug, better known as Isotretinoin, is a derivative of Vitamin A and is effective at permanently curing severe cystic and nodular acne (Accutane – American Osteopathic, n.d.). While Vitamin A is a naturally occurring vitamin, the high dosage in Accutane can have good and bad side effects. The side effects that we will be focusing on in this paper are the birth defects of infants. The objective of this STEAM project is to define the reproductive system, define the stages of pregnancy and development of the fetus (Zygote, Blastocysts, Embryo, and Fetus), and described how Accutane causes birth defects in infants. 

In the left image, you can see a women looking into the mirror, admiring her clear skin through her reflection. In the right, I have magnified the fetus, who is looking over an accutane prescription, while pills float around him.