In my STEAM project paper I discuss the interaction of the cardiovascular system and the respiratory systems and how important they are to the overall function of the human body. My art piece is somewhat simple as it just gives an overview as to the topic. In my paper, I talk about how the interaction of these two systems is influenced both by internal and external factors. I also talk about how the nervous system is a big control in the interaction between the two systems. Many of the rates we’ve talked about in class are also important when considering the interaction between the two. Rates of respiration and inspiration have to match aerobic metabolism in order for the body to maintain its normal functions as well as homeostasis. Mainly, the functions of these two systems are some of the most important things in retaining life.

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  1. Tova Gray’s STEAM project highlights how the cardiovascular system and respiratory system interact in the body and how the regulate functions within the body. From the drawing the observer is shown a circuit throughout the body. This circuit starts in the nervous system where it signals the heart to pump and a human to breathe in and out. This response of the respiratory and cardiovascular system allows for oxygenated blood to be pumped out of the heart to the rest of the body and deoxygenated blood to travel to get oxygen from the lungs. The circuit starts over again and the brain is also signaled if any tissues need more oxygen.

    Leah Hetle

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