For my project, I decided to study something involving the lymphatic and immune system section we studies in class. While doing research I came across a lot of different articles involving lymphatic cells and their correlation involving cancer. Specifically, I focused on Hodgkin’s lymphoma and what cells the cancer occurred from. Hodgkin’s lymphoma is a type of cancer that directly effects the lymphatic system. It can be a very aggressive form of cancer because it is targeting our bodies natural defense system. Through research, the cells that caused Hodgkin’s lymphoma were T and B lymphocytes which are the second most common white blood cell in the body. T cells main function is to act against virus-infected cells and tumor cells. B cells give rise to plasma which produces antibodies. The most common form of Hodgkin’s lymphoma originates from the B cells in the body. Cancer occurs in cells when a genetic mutation happens. Genetic mutations happen during the division of a cell. DNA replication also known as mitosis is where these issues can occur because during DNA replication it is not uncommon for substitutions, deletions, or additions to be made. These changes usually produce a cell that doesn’t function correctly, which usually dies very quickly. Other times these mutations can lead to cells becoming cancerous. The cells that mutate and become cancerous are very dangerous. Mutated cells have the potential to live longer than healthy cells, and they are told to reproduce much more frequently. This is how cancer can spread throughout the lymphatic system rapidly.

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  1. For the STEAM Project, Sydney focused on the objectives “Explain the role of the lymphatic system in the immune response” and “Relate how the lymphatic system can indicate disease.” When a genetic mutation happens within cells, cancer occurs. During the division of a cell is when genetic mutations occur. Sydney focused on Hodgkin’s lymphoma. the lymphatic system is directly affected by this type of cancer. Hodgkin’s lymphoma targets our bodies natural defense system. B and T lymphocytes cause Hodgkin’s lymphoma. B cells function to rise plasma, which then in return produces antibodies. T cells function to act against virus infected cells, and tumor cells. B cell causing Hodgkin’s is the most common type of Hodgkin’s lymphoma

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