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  1. For Dustin’s STEAM project he looked at the ways in which the lymphatic system shows disease as well as its the functions and role that the lymphatic system plays in the bodies immune response. Dustin looked at lymphatic filariasis. This is a disease that is caused due to the presence of a parasite. The parasite enters the lymphatic system and creates blockages. These blockages can cause swelling and intense pain. Dustin represented this process through the representation of a plant. We have the healthy green and brown plants, these plants are healthy and not infected, or dying/rotting. We then have the turquoise plant. This plant is infected, The color of the plant is not the healthy typical color it should be. It has been infected by something that is killing it. This represents the ways in which the lymphatic system is infected by parasites. The tissue becomes sick with the parasite and you can see this occur in the black color found present in the turquoise tissue. The black color represents the infection that occurs in the tissue of our lymphatic system due to the blockages and presence of the parasite. The ways that parasites impact the lymphatic system are similar and can be represented in the similar way into which a tree or plant is unable to grow if soil and the right conditions are not present. Similar to a tree needing specific conditions to grow, our lymphatic system needs a specific environment in order to thrive and keep our body healthy. If the soil of a tree or plant is poisoned the tree will not survive and begin to decay, in the similar way that our lymphatic system will become blocked and can not thrive in the typical manner that it should.


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