David Inman

Man on a Mountain with no oxygen. Depicting the struggle of breathing with COPD: Emphysema.

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  1. David uses a symbolic drawing to help people register and empathize with people who struggle with emphysema. My depiction of a person gasping for breath on top of a mountain classically demistitive of thin air and an inability to breath fully depicts to people the struggle to catch your breath with emphysema. Emphysema is the condition in which the alveoli/air sacs of the lungs become irritated to the point of damage. The simple squamous cells that make up of alveoli are perfect for O2 and Oc2 exchange as they are very permeable however they can be easily damaged due to irritants. When exposed to chemicals and politicians either recreationally or environmentally the air sacs become enlarged and burst destroying alveoli with them. The alveoli also are responsible for how much and how fast our body can get through gas exchange. When damaged the body cannot function as fully as possible as the alveolar surface shrinks as the alveoli are damaged. Due to the damaged air sacs the lungs lose elasticity. This makes the lungs harder to expand and relax, exerting more energy to breathe normally. People with this condition should be wary of respiratory illness including colds and the flu. They may also experience effects of bronchitis due to the weakened immune system. Being around irritants can be relatively dangerous for someone with emphysema including pollen, air pollutants, and dry and dust environments. Having an exercise regimen that your body can handle is important to keep the muscular strength of your lungs.

    Nora Hopkins

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