This is a cake I baked that is meant to be of the uterus. The main focus is development of eggs before and after fertilization through the fallopian tube and into the uterus. The sliced up swedish fish represent the sperm cells both entering the uterus, as well as later impregnating the egg. The mini M&Ms represent the eggs in early development in the ovary. The normal sized M&Ms represent post-impregnation travelling through the fallopian tube. The peanut M&Ms represent the eggs implanting themselves into the wall of the ueterus.

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  1. Dawson Freeman Creatively illustrated the development of the oocytes from creation through fertilization and finally implantation at the Uterine wall. The oocytes journey through development starts from their initial creation site-the Ovaries, where they then travel through the uterine tubules (also known as the Fallopian Tubes) during ovulation, at which if one is fertilized by one of the spermatocytes (Sperm), it will now be known as a Zygote and continue traveling through the uterine tubules and implant itself in the uterine wall. They creatively used different sized M&M’s to represent the different developmental stages of the oocytes. The Swedish “Fish” worked especially well with the dessert/pastry theme as being “fish” they connected to the objective more naturally. One possible revision could be to use color coded M&M’s to signify the specific developmental stages of Meiosis, with each phase of meiosis could be a different color, but you would keep the sizes and their positioning the same.

    David Coss

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