Rules for the board game include:

  1. Roll the dice however many times until you get 20.
  2. Once you get 20 you can put your idol on the board. 
  3. If you roll a one you can move one, two you can move two, etc. except for 7 and 12, those you have to move back four spaces. 
  4. You can only get out of the liver until you roll a 6.
  5. If you land on the same square as someone else you have to move two back.
  6. You can only slide on the blue arrow if you land on where it starts. 

One Comment

  1. This is wonderful game and helps us to understand fully the digestion processes. The way you linked the 6 dices to the 6 organs that play critical role in digestion. The order the organs are connections from the mouth, esophagus, stomach, small intestine, large intestine and the anus. The digestive system has four functions, but its main function is to turn food into the nutrients and the energy source to our body.

    From my understanding these dices can represent several different food molecules the major one being carbohydrates, proteins and lipids. and rolling of dice is the propulsion of this molecules furthermore this molecule will be broken further to easily digestive. absorbable molecules by the different digestive enzymes in digestive systems. Finally, all the waste products and other non-absorbable molecules are excreted through anus which marks the end of the game.

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