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  1. I like how in your steam project between what normal blood, white blood cells and plasma layering looks like versus a person with leukemia looks like. You can tell the difference between the person who has normal has way less white blood cell count than the person with leukemia has. Normal white blood cells count are around 4,000-11,000 while a person with leukemia will be laying around 100,000-400,000 white blood cell count.The blood cells and plasma are separated by a process after donating blood. It’s separated in a room temperature room within an eight hour window after donation. Four to six bags of blood of different donors will be put together into one to make enough for platelets which helps stop bleeding in patients in surgery or cancer patients going through radiation or chemotherapy. Your blood is put into a centrifuge which spins your blood and is separated into the three different layers with red blood cells being on the bottom white blood cells being the middle layer and the plasma being the top layer. The red blood cells are the heaviest and sink to the bottom being the first layer which are the cells given back to the patient. Good job with the creativeness of your project and the layering in the jars that you did. You could have gave it some more description on which blood is which in the pictures and what you are describing or what you want your main point to be in the pictures.


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