My objective for this project was relate how the lymphatic system can indicate diseases, so I did it on how lupus can affect the immune and lymphatic system.

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  1. Meagan Cook’s essay is about how lupus works in concert with the lymphatic system. First, she defines the function of the lymphatic system to transport immune cells throughout the body through the lymph fluid. When this fluid reaches the lymph nodes, the immune cells initiate an immune response. The causes of lupus are unknown, but we know the disease affects the lymphatic system by producing too many autoantibodies. These autoantibodies run through circulation, which can be detected through tests to diagnose lupus. One cause of lupus is an overactive B-cell that overproduces antibodies. The result is that our bodies can no longer recognize attacking cells from our own cells. When the body attacks its cells, it is called an autoimmune disease. Lupus causes excessive inflammation, which in itself causes another immune reaction that causes inflammation. Meagan points out that our bodies launch an immune response to tell ourselves we are sick. This essay identifies:
    1) Explain the adaptive humoral response
    2) Explain the role of the lymphatic system in the immune response
    3) Relate how the lymphatic system can indicate disease
    Meagan’s art depicts lupus as an internal war, cell vs. cell, in a battlefield of lymphatic vessel matrix. There is also an infographic that goes over the immune response to the disease, its treatments, and the organs of the lymphatic system.

    Jox Iway

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