Threw out our unit and labs learning on cells and their functions we learned the stages of mitosis; prophase, metaphase, anaphase, and telophase this is known as the cell cycle. We know that in this cycle cells divide cells and make copies of themselves. Cells are supposed to do this at a pace where they do not not over crowd and die at a certain point, they are able to do this due to the DNA that codes what they do. Sometimes their DNA can change though which isn’t normal and is what we call cancer cells. Cancer cells don’t listen to what the body is telling them to do like regular cells do instead continue to divide and do not die giving the chance for more to create. Cancer cells can also influence behaviors on healthy cells and they use them as an oxygen supply to keep their mass bundle of cells alive. Tumors which are made of cancer cells, immune cells, and fibroblasts can continue to grow and irritate tissues around it which is how people are able to feel pain where their cancerous tumor is located.


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  1. Chenyanna Seamon did her project on healthy cell vs cancer cell for a pancreas. She also includes mitosis and the phases for it which include prophase, metaphase, anaphase, and telophase. She created it by using different colored sweet treats. A lighter shade for the healthy cells and a darker shade for the cancer cells. She made a cancerous pancreas with white on the outside and a darker shade on the inside. She uses green and red coloring for the cells in mitosis. She also labels everything with note cards. There is a black arrow on the bottom of one of her slides with a description that reads, “tumor from cancer build up” there is also a heading that states, “Pancreas” in white text. She shows the healthy cell and cancer cell splitting apart then the cancer cell divides itself into many cells. Normal cells divide themselves but it becomes a problem when cancerous cells divide because they are spreading infected cells. So when the body copies the cancer cells over the healthy cells the body begins to get weaker. These cancer cells aren’t listening to what the body is telling it to do and instead continue to divide themselves making more cancerous cells in the body. These cells influence the body’s behavior causing the person’s health to decline. This can cause tumors which are a buildup of cancer cells. Tumors also contain immune cells and fibroblasts. These will continue to grow and irritate the tissue around it which may be painful to the person with the tumor.

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