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  1. Jasmines steam project is on the Objective of how bones and their development is effected by hormones in the different stages in life.The project takes you on a journey with hormones through each stage with labels to show what the bone would look like as it’s developed. She starts at the fetal stage where calcium is building basic bone tissue. In infancy and adolescence it shows that PTH and calcium are the driving factors in bone growth/ development, it goes from being inactive to active in the infancy stage, where moving from infancy to adolescence the hyaline cartilage is becoming bone tissue. As children reach adolescence a big factor that speeds the bone development from large portions of hyaline to bone is the presence of sex hormones. Before this stage the bones have large portions that are made up of hyaline cartilage making them mess prone to breaking and slight flexibility, that being why babies are often said to be “bouncy”. In adolescence This time in life is when osteoblasts are in full swing and bone is building and regenerating at a fast pace. Then as a person moves into adulthood the bones are fully developed and the osteoblasts production slows to a maintenance function. Eventually headed into late life stage, our osteoblast production has slowed down and there is the presence of osteoclasts in larger quantities. Sex hormones have Changed which affects how our bodies regulate and regenerate bone.

    Paula Boehlke

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