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  1. This project is using amputation as an example to show the differences between the central and peripheral nervous systems. The nerves present in your limbs are a part of the peripheral nervous system but your brain is what sends out signals to make your limbs work, so both of these systems will be affected by the loss of a limb. The peripheral nervous system is going to be affected by pain and other sensations because of the nerves that are still in the remaining part of the arm. This can cause discomfort and “phantom pain” if it feels like the limb is still attached to the person.

    The peripheral system is physically changed because nerve pathways will be altered or completely removed. The central nervous system will not be physically changed or affected, but there will be some changes in the way that it works. Right after getting an arm amputated the central nervous system may still try and send signals to the limb that is no longer there. This will take a long time to unlearn and try to change, but the actual physical structure will remain the same. So, while both the central and peripheral nervous systems are affected, they are affected in pretty different ways.

    Jasmine Hanley

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