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  1. My partner’s project was on Mitosis, she had identified this through a booklet and mitosis is the splitting of the cell. This is the process of one cell dividing into two identical cells. This happens in five steps Interphase, Prophase, Metaphase, Anaphase, and Telophase. In interphase the cell copies lots and lots of DNA and synthesizes proteins, in the second phase prophase chromatin condenses into chromosomes and spindles form starting the alignment of the chromosomes. In Metaphase the spindle has matured and the chromosomes align and attach to the spindle fibers at the polar fibers by their kinetochores, this then puts the chromosomes at the center of the cell. In anaphase the chromatids separate and the cell starts to separate by pulling on the spindles and taking the chromatid with them. In telophase the cell splits completely creating two daughter cells that are identical. Course objective that could have been achieved by this project was to describe the stages of mitosis, this was achieved through the booklet made.

    Evan Brown

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