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  1. Jason Buffington’s STEAM project focused on the course objectives “compare and contrast the 4 types of bone shapes” and “know the parts of the bone and their shape.” He drew and described the bones of the foot specifically the medial cuneiform and the metatarsals. Jason went deeper into the objectives by describing the joints and bones that are affected by hallux valgus. Hallux valgus is the condition that makes the first metatarsal turn outward due to the instability of the joint. Jason mentions that the fix to this condition is to have a corrective surgery called lapiplasty.. The surgery involves making incisions and the bones are shaved down to allow the joints to freely move. To hold the bones in place there are metal plates that are anchored to the medial cuneiform and the metatarsal. These plates are to keep the bone from returning to its original place and stabilize the joint and bone. Jason’s drawings were very detailed. His color coding of the text made it easy to follow what was being described.

    Jannah Mehtala

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