My project will focus on the objective, “compare and contrast the different organelles and their functions”.  My primary focus will be on the mitochondria.  

Mitochondria are membrane-bound cell organelles that generate most of the energy needed to power biochemical reactions.  They are the “powerhouse” of a cell.   Mitochondria are present in all types of human cells.  They produce 90% of the energy the body needs to function. 

Mitochondria are made up of many different parts: DNA, matrix, inter membrane space, ribosome, inner membrane, cristae and the outer membrane.  Each of these different parts plays an important role in the functioning of the mitochondria.  

Mitochondria have different functions inside of the cell.  They produce energy, store calcium, produce heat, and they also help decide which cells are destroyed.  Cell death,  also called apoptosis, is a part of life. As cells become broken, damaged or old, they are cleared away and destroyed.    

Mitochondria are important to the human body.  But what happens when this small organelle becomes damaged or no longer able to function?  Which organs become affected?  What happens when mitochondria become sick?  

The main function of the mitochondria is to provide fuel to the body.  When mitochondria are deprived of ATP, a backlog of unused fuel molecules causes them to become diseased.  

Mitochondrial disease happens when unused oxygen and fuel builds up in cells and cause damage.  Mitochondrial diseases are long-term, inherited disorders. When mitochondrial disease occurs, a number of body systems are compromised causing fatigue, weakness, metabolic strokes, seizures, cardiomyopathy, arrhythmias, developmental or cognitive disabilities, diabetes mellitus, impaired hearing, impaired vision, impaired growth, liver damage, gastrointestinal conditions, or impaired kidney function.


  1. What an artistic project! I love the colors and the medium you used! Although I didn’t get the chance to look at the essay you wrote, I am sure that it was awesome considering your artistic abilities. From what I can tell, you were wanting to represent the diseased mitochondria- which is represented by the reddish markings you made on your artwork? It would be so interesting to see what sort of disease you were trying to represent? I think you did a fantastic job in your depiction of the mitochondria itself. I know the mitochondria is an incredibly important part of our bodies and how we get our energy- it must be pretty important to keep them healthy. Great job on your project!


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