I have made a couple of comics on how topical treatments, when applied to tissue, can help aid it. The first set of comics is more figurative, with a dry desert representing skin. Rain represents moisturizers being applied to the skin to hydrate. The following comics are people putting on topical products, one lotion, the other joint cream. It shows how these products nourish the tissue it is being applied to.

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  1. Chole,
    I loved your comics! I thought that the desert was a great way to show how, just like our bodies, moisturizer is needed. It was a very clear and cute way of explaining how topical creams and lotions do not only help the top layers of skin (or dessert!) but also the layers underneath it.
    It was cool to see the progression of even how the comic got to the irritable skin. The fact that you showed how shaving/ removing the hair on the top layer of skin affected not just that layer but the ones underneath it too was awesome. You were able to show all of the steps of how a topical product could help multiple body tissues.
    The desert analogy was very cool to me because most people would not see the connection. The desert is dry but when the rain comes, even though it is rare, it is able to replenish the vegetation and the water and food supply for the animals.

    Great work!

    Laura McCombs

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