I made a visual structure of the cell for my project. In my project, the cell is made with fruit, candy, and one pasta noodle. The objective for my project relates to comparing and contrasting the organelles and their function while going more in-depth with size and shape.

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  1. Maddie,
    Your depiction of the cell structure is very well represented and creative! I like that you’ve chosen all things that are organic to represent a very organic topic. Each item is distinguishable within the other and I can see your goal for this STEAM project is very clear. As a viewer, I can see that your project goal was to communicate the intricate, organic structure that makes up cells. Cells are quite imperative to a body’s function and so your choice to depict a cell and its complicated structure is very cool! My favorite portion of your cell depicted is your choice of the melon in order to depict the inside of a cell and also the plasma membrane. Interestingly, many organic items have linings and walls that keep them intact much like your cell above. Great job thinking outside the box. This is a very cool take on cellular structure.

    Mckenna Austin

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