1. I really enjoyed learning about the lymphatic and immune systems too. It is amazing how blood cells travel in order to get rid of infection and heal other wounds. The lymph nodes are especially helpful in preventing infection from spreading further. Swollen lymph nodes indicate an injury or infection because there is a cluster of WBC’s fighting against disease or infection.
    In a CBC (complete blood count) it tests the levels of WBC’s, RBC’s, Eosinophils, Lymphocytes, Platelets, etc. These components combined can tell a provider that a patient has some sort of infection or has anemia. Usually when blood cell counts are higher, an infection is present and when blood cell counts are low, anemia is occurring. Having it just right in the middle means you are perfectly healthy with no abnormalities or infections.
    One thing I have noticed especially when I have a sore throat is that the lymph nodes in the area become enlarged. This shows that my body is working against the infection in my throat so I can go back to my healthy self. Lymph nodes may seem insignificant, but they warn our body of infection and begin treating and fighting against further illness.

    Anna Salzman
  2. Reading your essay was also very helpful and insightful. You wrote everything so simply for my understanding. Learning again about the B and T cells and their jobs in immunity and explaining further what active and passive immunity were, was very helpful in my further understanding of the lymphatic and immune system.

    Anna Salzman

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