My name is Christian Bolton and my project covers endocarditis. The objective of my project is to look at the effect of bacterial and fungal growth on the hearts function. Specifically, how it hinders the overall flow of blood through the heart and hinders valves from functioning properly in the heart.

Endocarditis is a bacterial or fungal infection that occurs in the endocardium of the heart. Once the bacteria or fungus has advanced through the bloodstream from an open wound or cavity, it makes it way through to the heart where it anchors and builds a colony of its own. This could cause very serious problems for the heart. It could block the flow of blood through broken pieces of vegetation or it can interrupt the heart valves functions. If that happens the valves are not able to close entirely and could lead to a regurgitation of blood in the heart’s atria or ventricles. It is a fairly uncommon disease, but it could cause serious complications if not discovered quickly. It is treated with antibiotics and anti fungal treatments as it is caused by common bacteria such as Staphylococcus.

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  1. Christian’s STEAM project was about endocarditis, which is inflammation of inner lining of heart. From the artwork you can see heart structure and function, and where the bacteria would gather. The piece also shows how blood circulate to the heart, in the heart, to the lungs, and out of heart and is blood oxygenated or not. Christian’s project also tells also about the problems that bacteria can cause and how bacteria effects to blood flow. Art summaries very well, where the problem would be.

    Katri Kangastalo

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