I painted a canvas black, I drew the heart and coronary arteries and showed what it looked like compared to a normal, healthy heart. The yellow stuff on the artery diseased is plaque. This is buildup that slows or stops the blood flow to the heart from that artery. The blue arrow in the artery represents the blood flow. You can see that blood flow is impacted when there is a buildup of plaque.

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  1. Bella Webb did her project on coronary artery disease. She painted two pictures to compare, each including what the heart and artery looked like. The first painting was of a normally operating heart and the second was of a heart with coronary artery disease. Bella did a great showing the plaque in the artery, blocking the travel of blood and slowing down the flow of blood to the heart. She showed how the anterior portion of the heart gets a grey tint to it from the lack of blood and the thinning of the veins since they’re lacking blood. I think Bella did a great job with attention to detail and making everything that wasn’t supposed to be different, the same.

    Natalyn Wood

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