I decided to do my project on concave chests. The medical term is Pectus Excavatum. It happens as a result of the sternum being sunk into the body. I created a 3D version of what a rib cage would like if the sternum was sunk in. normally the sternum appears flat which creates a oval-ish shape with the ribs (view of cross section). When the sternum is sunk in it creates a pumpkin shape. Depending on the person Pectus Excavatum can have an effect on the lungs functions.

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  1. Klara did her project on Pectus Excavatum which a condition in which you are born with a concave chest. This is a condition that mainly occurs in males and worsens as they get older. She has clearly represented this condition in her art piece, and she clearly states what her objective is as it pertains to the class, lung functionality with a condition like this. One can imagine that having a caved in chest would alter the anatomy and function of one’s organs, especially the lungs. She displayed this very well, and you can tell that lung capacity would be affected by having a defect such as this one.

    Brandon Lewis

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