For my project, I chose something that I actually had when I was a kid. That being pleurisy pneumonia. This is a combination of two respiratory conditions that affect the lungs. Pleurisy is the inflammation of the pleura in the lungs, and pneumonia is the pooling of fluid in our air sacs within our lungs. I had this when I was five years old, and each condition combined was actually causing my right lung to collapse. In order to prevent this they has to perform surgery on me to clear the fluid out of my lungs because the fluid had actually begun to solidify within my lungs.

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  1. They’re project is about pleurisy pneumonia, it causes your lungs to begin to collapse by pleurisy causing inflammation, then the pneumonia making fluid build up in the lungs. The fluid had to be cleaned out in their procedure.
    This project makes sure to include where the air sacs are, and what they are doing. Effects of Pneumonia along with how the air sacs are located, along with how they are being affected. Then it also shows where the fluid is pooling in the lungs.
    This project is a sketch of the lungs using markers color coded to label the different organs, and the effects of the disease , where the fluid is building up, and what a normal lung looks like.

    Dante Burk

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