For my project I chose to focus on monoclonal antibodies, specifically on their use as therapeutics. This illustration shows the process of making monoclonal antibodies in the lab and how they can be used in the clinic to combat pathogens (in this case, a virus). These antibodies are an interesting example of artificial passive humoral immunity, and I thought they would be worth exploring in depth given their high profile in recent months/years during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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  1. The STEAM project Monoclonal Antibodies is completed by Theresa Vertigan and shares about the monoclonal antibodies uses as therapeutics. The project is somewhat in the structure of a scientific comic. There are three drawings addressing the making and use of these monoclonal antibodies, each with a short writing describing what the drawing shared. The first drawing shows the marking of the invader, the next shows what the scientists do to create the monoclonal antibodies, and the last shows the treatment and use of it. This project connects to the objective discussing artificial immunity.

    Aileen Lester

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