Mt project is a painting on heart stents. My painting shows what a normal artery looks like compared to an artery that has a plaque clot and the process of a heart stent being put in. The stent is put in with what is called a balloon through the plaque in the artery. When the stent is in place, the doctor will inflate the balloon causing the stent to expand and once the stent is fully expanded the balloon will be removed allowing the blood to flow freely.

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  1. My assigned partner is Christian and her STEAM project is on heart stents. Christian did a great job at depicting a healthy artery and one that contains a plaque clot as well as the necessary intervention involved in removing that clot, being a stent. Christians painting was clever and detailed. Christian even painted the different stages that a heart stent goes through in order to give a better explanation on how the devise works.

    Angel Salcido

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