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  1. Samantha’s piece describes how the liver functions in the body and what would happen if it obtained a disease in a fun story. She starts by describing the liver’s overall function and how to take care of the liver by eating healthy foods. She then describes the life of the liver in someone who starts out healthy as a child and later becomes unhealthy in adulthood. Unhealthy eating is shown through Mr. Body as he eats different food that contains various toxins, hurting the liver and resulting in the liver developing non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. This disease causes pain to Mr. Body and he sees a doctor for his pain to which the doctor diagnoses him and tells him to go on a strict diet to regain normal function of the liver. In the end, Mr. Body does this, he works to regulate his liver while also changing his physic. Samantha’s project was an illustrated book geared towards children to aid in their understanding of the liver and how to maintain a healthy one. I think this is a great way to teach children about the body from a young age and should be a widely considered topic for future children’s books.
    Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease is obtained by eating fatty rich foods such as carbohydrates, saturated fats, and sugar. An example of this is “junk food”, food that is processed and barely contains the right nutrients for the liver to function properly. In order to heal from a disease such as this, one must diet and change their eating habits to heal the diseased liver back to normal. I think Samantha did a great job in relaying this information in a way for children to understand. I loved her book.

    Addison Elsik

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