1. Hailee’s painting of Coronary Heart Disease shows how plaque build up in the coronary arteries makes the arteries more narrow and harder for blood to flow away from the heart. Plaque is caused by a fatty lipid called cholesterol. The painting also shows that, blood clots can form in these arteries because it’s so hard for blood to flow efficiently which can be detrimental to one’s health.

    Cleopatra Loving-Pepakayala
  2. Hailee illustrates coronary heart disease using paint. She does a very accurate illustration of the anatomy of the heart with each arty, vein, atrium and ventricle. Beside her painting of the heart, she includes different stages of plaque build up in the coronary artery that leads to coronary heart disease. In the first stage, she illustrates fatty material building up inside of the lining of the artery. This plaque is made up of excess cholesterol deposits. The next stage shows the plaque building up. In the last stage, the plaque fills up nearly all of the artery which results in a blood clot which keeps blood from flowing through that artery. Above these stages is a great diagram of what is happening inside that artery. The lining of the wall has plaque build up which narrows the path that blood can travel through. This illustration shows that because of a blood clot due to plaque build-up, the heart is not getting the blood flow it needs. This clot can lead to shortness of breath, angina, and even a heart attack. Hailee did an amazing job at showing the heart anatomy, as well as the steps that lead to coronary heart disease.

    William Wood

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