My STEAM project will focus on the development of the placenta. It will also focus on what hormones the placenta produces, how they each work, and what can cause the placenta to be damaged. I decided to draw a picture of an unborn baby in a mother’s stomach to show what the placenta looks like in the stomach while it’s attached to the baby.

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  1. Sam has made a cool drawing of a baby facing in utero position, connected safely to their mother. The placenta lies just above the womb aligning/attaching some to the walls of the woman’s uterus, but is connected to the baby’s umbilical cord. The placenta also produces a hormone called “progesterone,” which not only works to continue with pregnancy, but also supports the lining woman’s uterus. The placenta however can be damaged through a type of accident involving trauma to the women’s belly, a “rapid loss of fluid” that is surrounding the baby can also damage the placenta.

    Kirian Hoff

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