For my steam project, I decided to represent a herniated disc in the cervical spine. On the left is a healthy cervical spine and on the right is a cervical spine with a herniated disc between the C5 and C6 vertebrae.

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  1. Brianna’s STEAM project is a drawing showing both a healthy spine and a spine affected by a herniated disc. The drawing is well done and easy to follow. She labeled the vertabrae and uses colors to represent the spinal discs in between them, as well as the spinal cord.

    The spinal disc acts as a shock absorber, holds the vertabrae together, and provides mobility in the spine. A herniated disc occurs when the soft center of the spinal disc pushes through a crack of the exterior of the disc. In Brianna’s drawing she does a good job showing that the nerve is clearly being pinched by the herniated disk

    Herniated discs can be caused from wear and tear on the spine, heavy lifting, excess body weight, genetics and smoking. Some will heal on their own while others may require surgery.

    I think Brianna’s drawing was very effective at showing a herniated disc and the nerve issues that can result from them.

    Jake Hubbard

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