For my steam project, I decided to show the process of mitosis through baking. On sugar cookies, I used icing to create a sketch of each step of mitosis including interphase, prophase, metaphase, anaphase, telophase, and cytokinesis.

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  1. The stages of Mitosis, Mitosis has 4 major stages and cytokinesis it undergoes in stages. Ray’nell gives a detailed description of each stage and the changes the different stages have on a cell. This first stage of mitosis, Interphase, is where DNA replication occurs. The first stage of Mitosis is shown here with the very top cookies, you can see the DNA and the copy. The second stage is prophase, its shown in cookie number two and the chromatin are bundled together to create the chromosomes. The third stage metaphase shows the sister chromatids are lining up in the middle of the cell,this is shown in cookie number three. The fourth stage anaphase is when the sister cells are separated on the opposite sides of the cell where they will become individual chromosomes again, this is shown in cookie four. The final stage telophase the two new sister cells form at the end of the cell, telophase is shown in the fifth cookie. The final two cookies show cytokinesis, the process that allows the two sister cells to separate. Overall Watson gives us an in depth description into the process of mitosis and even includes cytokinesis which sets the stage for the process to begin again.

    Margaret Robertson

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