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  1. I like that from the very first slide you know that your project is going to be focused on explaining cancer to small kids. The colors are bright and the cover, with all of the different colored cancer ribbons are very hopeful. I think that your project did a very good job of making a scary topic a lot less scary while accurately explaining what cancer does. I really liked your drawings and thought that overall they were easy to understand and did a good job of explaining the text. The dialogue made the slides much more engaging and created almost a story line. This along with the drawings kept the mood of the slides light and fun while making the slides much more clear. I also thought that the slides were a good length and did a good job explaining cancer with out getting to detailed and confusing. The only criticism that I have is that I think you left a little bit t0o much out of your slides. Especially at the end where you talk about the end result of cancer. I understand completely why you would not want to say that people can die. However I think that it might have been slightly less misleading if you said that the doctor tries his best to heal the person. Overall I think it is a good think though that you left a lot out of your slides and I think that it is very good and well thought out.

    Ande Berg

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