This card set is intended to provide the user with quick and easy mobilization, stretching and muscle relaxation exercises. The exercises are easy to understand and can be completed at the working place. I focused on the lower back when choosing exercises because many people experience acute or chronic back pain in that region. Sitting a lot in the office or in class at school, or getting used to wrong postures can lead to back pain. These exercises are intended for everyday use and are a break and relaxation for the person who does them.

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  1. This card set is really interesting and smart especially adding the exercises to help with different types of back pain. The last exercise number six I honestly use all the time for my lower back. I think you very much so correct that most people have chronic lower back pain. People that work at a desk all day or students in class all hunched over because we as a society tend to have really bad posture and being also bent over constantly also causes really back back issues. I try to be really cautious and aware of my posture because I know it will help me in the long run but I still constantly catch my self slouching and not rolling my shoulders back and standing up straight. I am going to try some of these other exercises for lower back pain next time I have it. I also think you had really good illustrations to go with it and they really do explain it better.


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