For my STEAM project I wanted to look into some of the different types of internal fixations used after the breaking of a bone. Internal fixations are metallic structures surgically installed to bones to help assist in the healing process. I decided to use clay as the medium to help illustrate, since most of the time during class we only saw x-ray photos. I hope you enjoy!

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  1. Looking at this project, it clearly shows the different types of metal plates and screws that might be placed into your body when needed. Internal fixations are used for repairing broken bones. The creator of this project decided to use clay as their medium. It also appears that they spray painted silver onto the clay to make it appear like metal, which is a nice touch. The internal fixations are put onto the broken bones and are used to help with the healing process. The detail on the clay models looks very nice, especially on the screws. It was very helpful that the photos of the different types of screws and plates had the types they were and their names. The photos have sticky notes that have the following instrument names; T-Type Compression Plate, Neutralization plate, Compression Plate, Cancellous Screw, Cortical Screw, and Flexible Rod. This adds, in my opinion, to the project as a whole because it explains what the items used to fix broken bones are called in the medical industry.

    Cassidy Dolan

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