I chose to do my Final Project on how our bones move and the joints that make it possible. I furthered my topic by talking about rheumatoid arthritis and how that affects your movement.

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  1. Jenna emailed me her media in a form of two video’s as well as her essay, so I got to read and analyse her work. Jenna used a clever way of showing different joints in both human and dog, which was awesome to see. On Jenna’s essay, there was more in depth about the rheumatoid arthritis, in which a lot of the concepts were totally new to me so it was a great read. Jenna also did a great job of structuring the essay so that it was easy to read and understand.
    My favourite part of Jenna’s work was the second video, which was a very catchy song showing the different joints in the human body. All and all, great work and I was impressed in Jenna’s effort and the end result of both the media as well as in the essay part of the STEAM project.

    Antti Virtanen

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