I made this children’s book to explain how plaque can cause bone absorption and lead to bone loss.

The END lets remember to brush and floss.


  1. This children’s book presents the structure of a tooth and the gums it’s embedded in along with the step illustrating the process of periodontitis in a medically scientifically matter in story format. Periodontitis is the medical term for gum disease in its later stages, which can lead to advanced tooth decay and tooth loss. The book and the concepts are clear and concise enough for a person who is familiar with the skeletal structure and orthodontic terms to understand it, with the illustrations providing a visual explanation of what the terms represent. Olivia’s additional reminder to pay close attention to dental health on the last page of the book by illustrating it after the “tooth heaven” scene was helpful and simple, yet presented a clear message by showing what could be done to prevent the development of periodontitis (the toothbrush with toothpaste and the container of floss). The colors that were used for the book generally have a high contrast level which makes the identification of the tooth and gum structure as well as the biological aspect of the process simple to identify. The most intriguing and informative portions of the book were the first page, where the anatomical structure of the tooth and gums and the way they are related to the skeletal system is demonstrated, and the sixth page, where Olivia showed how the bone resorption cycle works and the way osteoblasts overtime. Overall, Olivia demonstrated her knowledge of how periodontitis occurs and the anatomy of teeth and gum structures well in a vibrant, informative, and concise manner which serves as a reminder for how much people may be taking their dental care for granted.

    Brianne Kelly
    1. In addition to the book, Olivia’s essay displays her objectives (to describe the four cells comprising the bone tissue and the stages of bone development and resorption) and describes the outline of her essay well within the first paragraph of her essay. Olivia also goes into depth about the bacteria and cells involved in bone development and tooth decay. The only major improvements I recommend (as the assigned partner for the assignment and based on the goals of the assignment) is the addition of at least one other source to support the essay as well as the presence of a reference page with the proper full-text citations

      Brianne Kelly

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