I chose to look at the process of mitosis, and what happens when a cell ignores the signals to stop dividing and eventually turns into a cancerous cell. I chose an illustrated short story as the media.

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  1. “The Cell That Wouldn’t Listen” is a great lesson on Mitosis and how a cell divides. Prophase, Metaphase, Anaphase and Telophase are all described and also what happens if this process continues to happen uncontrollably. What would cause a cell to not stop dividing is a questions that is answered in this storybook. For a host of reasons such as poor diet, excessive alcohol consumption, excessive sunlight exposure, and tobacco use can all cause a cell to undergo uncontrolled mitosis which could potentially lead to cancer. Our bodies have a tumor suppressor gene called p53 which under normal circumstances can prevent uncontrolled mitosis to occur. With the bad habits one may repeat during their lives as mentioned above this gene no longer has the ability to stop a cell from dividing.
    This process will cause what we know as tumors which can spread to other areas of our bodies. When these cells are cancerous and it spreads it acts as a trickle down effect damaging more and more cells that now have the ability to uncontrollably divide. The description used in this project made it easy for any reader to understand what mitosis is and how mitosis can go from a normal function of our cells to a potentially harmful process leading to cancer.

    Gregory Bean

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