For my steam project I did my topic on nystagmus and I drew a picture of an eye since it’s about how some peoples eyes can move back and fourth rapidly and they can’t control it. It is caused when the part of the brain or inner ear that regulates eye movement and positioning, does not function correctly. This is also something that I personally have, I’ve had this since I was only a few weeks old and it is called congenital nystagmus, there is also acquired nystagmus which can happen from an injury such as a concussion.

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  1. For Mika’s STEAM Project, she created this drawing that is a representation of nystagmus, and this condition relates to the eyes having involuntary rapid movement. Meaning the eyes can involuntarily start to move side to side, up and down, and as well as in a circle. The main objective of this piece is to highlight how the eyes are affected by a condition like this. This has been shown to cause blurred vision, and the inability to focus. This is caused by the brain miscommunicating with the eye, and this in turn, causes the signals between the two to be misinterpreted. Things like concussions can cause nystagmus to occur, but after a while it goes away. There are several treatments out there at the moment for this disease, but the side effects for each of them vary making it difficult to say whether or not the treatments are a good option.

    Brandon Lewis

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