The renal system works as a gold mine in our body; it filters out the needed substances and disposes the waste. It is vital for the fabrication of many hormones, regulating fluids, and removing waste. Mining allows for the collection of minerals and the removal of waste. Both mining and the renal system contain operations that are comparable.

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    The renal system is in charge of many important roles for the human body. The renal system allows the human body to function at a high capacity. To do this, the renal system aids in hormone and fluid regulation, filtration, and waste removal. A comparison can be made between mining for minerals and the renal system. Both processes include sifting through materials that do not belong in order to keep those of high value. Mining for minerals happens by choice with a load of effort put into it. The process can take days, months, and years and new areas to mine are always present. The renal system functions involuntarily, behind closed doors in the body but a load of effort is put into it as well. The renal system does it tasks on a daily basis to maintain homeostasis in the body. Overall, mining for minerals and the renal system are comparable in the work done to reach the end goal.

    Savannah Rodriguez

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