My STEAM Project is on Valvular Heart Disease but I focus on one, Mitral Valve Prolapse. There are many different types of heart diseases, focusing on the valves. The human heart is the most important organ in the circulatory system because it sends oxygen and nutrients to other parts of the body. I had chosen to draw the heart and the heart defect (as shown) due to not having access to other things.

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  1. I really enjoyed reading your report on a Valvular Heart Disease called Mitral Valve Prolapse. I thought you did a great job describing what Mitral Valve Prolapse is and also showing what is happening when it does occur. It was crazy to learn that this disease occurs when the mitral valve doesn’t close like it’s supposed to. I also learned that when the mitral valve is not functioning properly and doesn’t close all the way, this will allow blood to move backwards into the chamber, which can result in serious conditions. I thought it was useful that you added the symptoms of Mitral Valve Prolapse into your paper to inform the reader what to be aware of and look out for if they know anyone with similar symptoms.
    I thought you also did a great job on your project as well. I like how you drew a diagram of a normal, well-functioning heart next to a heart that has the mitral valve prolapse disease, this helps me visualize what is happening when this disease is present. The diagrams were clear and concise, which made them very easy to read and understand.
    Thanks for the great information on one of the valvular heart diseases, mitral valve prolapse, that can occur. Nice Job!

    Samantha Morse

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