The red blood cell begins life in one of the bone marrows, our heroine begins her life in the femur factory! At first she is a little confused, but soon finds the signs that lead her to the right atrium, just up the veins. From there she makes it to the lungs, where Air Sac senpai gives her some oxygenated packages. Then she goes back to the heart, this time at the left atrium. She’s a little lost, but eventually follows a path to the brain, where she makes a delivery! Before she could go, the local McCapillary gave her a deoxygenated package. After 120 days of life, it’s time for retirement in the spleen.

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  1. I was assigned to write my abstract on Kai’s STEAM project, and he did his on Red Blood Cells – he did a comic on an Amine girl who is supposed to be a red blood cell. From what he submitted on the website, he wrote a brief paragraph talking about how red blood cells begin their life in one of the many bone marrows we have in the human body and goes into how they soon find their way up to the right atrium through the veins, and how from there, they make it all the way to the lungs where an air sac gives it oxygen and then travels back down to the heart, more specially to the left atrium. Then finding their way to the brain where the red blood cells “make a delivery” or in this case the anime girl, and how the capillaries give her a deoxygenated package. Kai did a really good job using an anime girl as a representation of what red blood cells do in the human body and the travel pathways they make, plus I live how he mentioned that after 120 days, it’s time for retirement in the spleen, it made me giggle. I didn’t have the opportunity to read his full write up about red blood cells, but from looking and reading what he submitted, it made sense to me what he was trying to interpret and it was really creative!

    Riley Tamse

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