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  1. Physical Changes of Pregnancy is a steam project written and designed by Bethany David. She has done an online drawing of woman going through some of the stressful changes in pregnancy. In the drawing she was trying to convey the emotional aspects that weigh upon a woman while pregnant. Starting with conception she gives a brief synopsis of the gestation of the baby and the hormonal changes that take place. During pregnancy some of the activities of a woman becomes reduced due to her decrease in work duration, recreational activity and ease of movement decreases. Also she notes that many woman have an increase emotional difficulties relating to these changes. As the baby grows the mother will have increased stress caused by reduced sleep from wakeful periods. Some of the feelings that a mother might feel while pregnant range from elation to disappointment or even shock. Emotional changes in the mother can change throughout pregnancy.
    In the digital drawing she highlighted the changes in a woman’s breast. She also conveys the child in the uterus. The woman is in her third trimester and is showing the mothers increase inability to rest comfortably by sitting on the edge of her bed. I think that her use of red lends itself to a restless emergent emotion. The color of the woman’s nightgown also stresses being uncomfortable. Through the illustration of her breasts conveys a radiating pain and soreness that can be seen and vicariously felt in the depiction of her nipples. It seems to me that the fact that her bed is still made shows the lack of sleep that she has had.

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