This project shows the flow of the heart represented by a heart made of vegetables on a loaf of focaccia bread. The pathway is described in the essay. I included 3 pictures: one of the vegetables arranged on a cutting board, one of the vegetables on the bread before it’s baked, and one after it’s baked. If I could change one thing about this project, I probably would have cut the vegetables smaller or used different vegetables so that the structures were more clear on the loaf.

All done! It was absolutely delicious 🙂
Here’s the picture of the heart on the cutting board. I think this is the best, clearest picture of the heart. I added rosemary to the rest of the bread for flavor.

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  1. In this project Kiana was inspired by Grey’s Anatomy’s Dr. Yang, who is an aspiring cardiac surgeon. Kiana recreated the path of blood through the heart and circulatory system by using peppers, olives and onions. She feels that it is relevant to all students whether or not they are going into the medical field. She goes on to explain that deoxygenated blood would come to the heart by the superior and inferior vena cava, go through the right atrium and right ventricle, into the pulmonary artery. After going through the lungs and becoming oxygenated, the blood would then go to the heart via the pulmonary veins. It then flows into the left atrium and ventricle and finally to the aorta, where it will flow to the rest of the body’s tissues.
    With the diagram she made she then placed it onto Focaccia bread which contains extra virgin olive oil. Extra virgin olive oil contains omega 3 acids which are healthy for our hearts.

    Sam Pope

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