For my steam project I wanted to go more into depth of the anatomy of caesarian sections. In this video I use play-dough to represent the layers of tissue found in the procedure as well as the steps involved.

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  1. Clover’s STEAM project covered the steps of a cesarean section and the anatomy involved. She creatively showed this through play-doh, which represented the different muscles and layers involved. First, a transverse incision is made along the bottom of the stomach, which allows an incision of the skin and fat to be made. Once a big enough area is open, the next step is to cut through the fibrous fascia. After separating the rectus muscle, a bladder plate is used to protect the bladder. She then cut through the peritoneum layer to finally be able to cut open the uterus. Once access to the uterus was gained, the delivery of the baby bear was able to take place. After clipping and cutting the umbilical cord, the delivery of the placenta, which was represented by a balloon, concluded the birth. I thought it was really well made as it was very visual and easy to follow.

    Emily Pilkinton

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