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  1. Sierra chose to make a representation of the placenta by making a cake. The placenta is a temporary organ that is used by both the mother and fetus during pregnancy. The placenta is developed very early on in pregnancy, within the first few days, and continues to grow as the fetus grows. The placenta is composed of three layers, the amnion, chorion, and decidua. These layers allow for the placenta to stay implanted in the uterine lining for the entire pregnancy. The main functions of the placenta is to carry food, regulate oxygen levels, and excrete the waste created by the fetus. Problems with the placenta, and placental development, during pregnancy are the most common cause of spontaneous abortions. And the likelihood that there will be a problem with the placenta increases with an increase in the age of the mother. Another common disorder that may happen is placental abruption. This is when the placenta detaches from the uterine wall. This can cause problems with oxygen rates, blood supply, and lower supply of nutrients to the fetus.

    Taryn Aho

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