This project is about the harm that smoking causes to the cardiovascular and circulatory system.  It also briefly touching on cost that goes into smoking.  I did a flipbook of a stove and its pipes.  The stove represents the heart, the pipes represent the veins, and the dark shadowing inside the pipe is soot that represents the soot smoking builds up in your veins.  I hope you like it!

It wouldn’t let me upload my video so I uploaded it to YouTube instead.  Please let me know if you can’t access it.  Here’s the link:

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  1. Kjrsten did her project on the negative effects of smoking on the cardiovascular system. Instead of drawing a heart, she chose to utilize her creativity and use a stove with its pipes as a representation of the heart and its passageways. As she flips through the pages of her book, the transition of the anatomy of the heart and veins is demonstrated by the accumulation of soot in the oven’s pipes. Smoking and tobacco in general is a common health problem in the world and has been for decades. When someone smokes, the long-term effects begin to accumulate. Blood vessels begin to spasm and fill with “soot” making them decrease in diameter, valves within the heart can malfunction or stop working completely, and the lungs physically turn a purplish-black color from tissue damage. The risk of heart disease, heart failure, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and asthma are increased drastically. Not only does smoking have a significant negative effect on the body, but it creates tension in personal relationships and creates debt if money becomes a problem. People would rather choose to buy cigarettes than take care of themselves by buying food or exercising. Kjrsten clearly showed an interest in the topic and demonstrated a wide range of knowledge in her project description.

    Annika Hansson

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