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  1. This project creates a visual representation of fetal development using decorated cupcakes. The cupcakes show the main stages of development: fertilization, 1-week after conception, 3-week embryo stage, 5-week embryo stage, and 12-week fetus stage. The first stage is when a sperm combines with a secondary oocyte to form a zygote (fertilized egg). One week after conception, the blastocyte attaches to the uterine lining to begin rapid development. At three weeks, the blastocyte has formed into an embryo and nerve cells are beginning to form. The fifth week of development is called the embryonic period of development and the embryo starts developing more defined features and organs. The embryo becomes a fetus at eight weeks of development as the features continue to become more distinct. At this stage, the eyes are visible and the limbs are beginning to lengthen and slowly form. Finally, as depicted in the visual, the baby has reached twelve weeks and is about the size of a lemon. The limbs and organs are more pronounced and hormonal changes are occurring. This project only visually depicts the first few months of developing life, but it is impressive how much changes in these very important months.

    Ashley Paulus

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