For this project I decorated homemade cookies to resemble red blood cells and a couple types of white blood cells in order to demonstrate what normal healthy blood looks like compared to blood with chronic lymphocytic leukemia.

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  1. Mallory did her project on the difference between normal blood cells and chronic lymphocytic Leukemia. Mallory did cookies and decorated them to look like the two types of cells. She did an amazing job taking into consideration the size and color of the cells. Chronic lymphocytic leukemia is a cancer cell that crowds other blood cells. The smaller cookies resembled red blood cells and the bigger cookies were a variation of red blood cells. This gave an easy way to identify which cookies were which. In the section with the cancer cells, Mallory added more white blood cells and fewer red blood cells. This represented the extra lymphocytes spreading and causing less room for healthy blood cells. Overall this project looks amazing and I’m sure tasted amazing too which is a bonus. Mallory made an easy way to understand and explain her objective in a creative and artistic manner.


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