I decided to make keychains made of shrink plastic showing the difference between a healthy colon and a colon with UC, along with the layers of the colon and the tissue types that are affected by UC. I did not photograph them with their keychain hardware because they wouldn’t have laid flat and been as nice to photograph.

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  1. Ulcerative Colitis or UC was very interesting to learn about. UC is a disease where a portion of the large intestine is inflamed. The inflammation only affects the innermost layer of the large intestine called the mucosa. If the inflammation spreads to deeper layers of the intestine it is then called Crohn’s disease. It can affect joints, skin and other organs too. Kianna talked about the many symptoms that are associated with UC which include frequent and urgent bowel movements, diarrhea, bloody stool, joint pain, intense abdominal cramps. Although there is no cure Kianna explained that there are some medications that could be taken to improve the quality of life.
    For the art portion of the project, Kianna created awesome keychains that showed the inflammation of an infected large intestine. She also made a key chain of the tissue type that makes up the inflamed portion of the intestine.

    Sam Pope

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