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  1. A horizontal straight break through the bone is a transverse line, while a longitudinal fracture is a vertical line through the bone. The spiral fracture is a common one in a twisting crash, where the split ‘spirals’ are around the joint. The oblique fractures are lateral fractures in the bone, and more specifically, the non displaced oblique fracture is a fracture in which the bone preserves its proper orientation, while a displaced oblique fracture does not preserve the correct alignment. A fracture of the greenstick is an incomplete fracture in which the bone is not fully removed. A comminuted fracture is a form of bone break in which there are many parts that are all present at the sight of the fracture. A segmental break is a bone that has been broken in two places and there is a piece of bone that is floating. A fracture of the hairline is a slight crack in the bone, one that does not cut the bone.


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